Dirty Kanza 2017 Thoughts

I have to organize my thoughts before I can move on with 2017…

June 2 – Dirty Kanza Eve

8:30 pm  Say good night to family.  Hugs.  Love you.

9 pm.  10 mg Melatonin.  Gotta sleep.


Midnight – gotta pee

1:15 am – gotta pee…seriously??

3:00 am – gotta pee. What’s the forecast? Gotta Snapchat JeffY from the bathroom.

3:20 am fall asleep hard finally

4:00 am time to get up

Quick pics with parents.

Mom and Dad Pre DK

6 am – Let’s roll.  Jeff lead us out.  Watch the right.  Left.  Dumbass.  Not Jeff…the other guy.  It’s a long day no need to be reckless.  You’ve only got 200 miles to make up that 50 feet gap. I love J’s Carryout. Good job Jeff.  Quit switching lanes.  Feels like that movie Office Space.  What was his name?  Samir! Ouch!! Hole.  Damn crap that hurt.  Focus.  Man we’re flying.  PaulE still back there?  Yep.  ScottG?  Yep.  Good job JeffY.  JeffY gets married soon. Bout time. Hey there’s AndreaC.  A friendly face.  Jeff quit talking and focus.  Doing good.  Feels fast.  Over Rd D Hill.  Boom that was fast and easy.  All still together?  Yep.  Left on YY.  Time for the Towers climb shakeup.  Here we go.  Everyone hold together.  Low water.  Boom.  Shit.  Think that got ScottG.  Not sure.  Damn we’re flying.  Yep.  Scott’s gone.  On to Cattle Pens.  Dang.  Paul’s down.  Flat.  Stop?  Go?  Okay man.  Catch up when you can!  He won’t catch up.  This is kinda crazy.  Go.  Roll.  Ride the wave.  Spin the cranks.  Don’t bomb too fast.  Flats everywhere.  Spin the hills.  I’m missing some energy.  I can feel it.  My spin isn’t right.  Did I overdue it two weeks ago???  Too much running around on Friday?? Will JeffY leave me?  Of course he will.  He has to.  The day is too long.  It’s our code.  We talked about this.  Hang on for 100 miles make the corner, grab the tailwind, re-evaluate and make it home.  Not our first rodeo.  Gonna be Fifth DK for both of us.  Just finish.  Hugs and beers at the Finish Line.  Jeff and Michelle need to have some kids. That’ll slow him down. Oh look there’s Madison!!  I love Madison!!  Rainbows and Unicorns and Skittles and magical Gnomes riding Golden Doodles!!!  I love Treva and Michael!  Ramsey and Lara!!  Awesome town!!  Oh….that stupid freaking brick hill can kiss my arse….spin…spin…spin…there’s Becky.  My wife.  Reagan.  My dad…love family.  Joe and Chuggy are awesome.  Gotta go.  Gotta go.   Gotta go.

Madison Checkpoint

Bobby 8:45am. 17.5 mph avg
JeffY 8:45am. 17.51 mph avg
PaulE 8:49am. 17.12 mph avg

Roll out with Jeffy and Paulina.  Deep water mud.  Hit hard and spin out.  Paulina made it.  JeffY is held up.  Dang.  He’ll be fine.  Go.  Not seeing JeffY yet.  I’m not rolling without Jeff.  Go Paulina.  Catch that train.  Jeff’s my wingman.  I’m waiting.  I’m spinning to make sure he didn’t have a mechanical.  Where the hell is he?  Should I go back.  Blue helmet.  Here he comes.  Grab a train and let’s go.  Let’s roll.  Texaco Hill how I love thee.  Spin spin spin. Jeff’s gonna kill the hill.  He’s rocking it.  I wish I was riding a horse.  That’d be cool. Like a Mustang…yeah a Mustang.  Maybe a magical Mustang.  A Mustang is like a wild horse right?  Maybe I’d be in my Chewbacca suit?  Yeah…that’d be cool…  Crap.  Focus.  I can feel my spin leaving.  Hang on for 100 then re evaluate and just Finish. Finish number 5.  Walk the stage.  Snag the Sun if you can.  We’re flying.  Nature stop at the top.  Slow spin and recover…yes!!!  Paul’s with us!!  Nice Chase man!!  Awesome.  Oh shit.  Uh oh.  JeffY has someone else to ride with now.  Jeff likes to talk and yep…crap there they go.  I wish I had my light sabre and someone took a pic of me on a bike in the Flint Hills swinging my light sabre.  yeah.  That’d be cool.  Focus.  Spin.  Hang on until 100.  Dang it guys just half a gear slower.  Shit.  Okay.  Hang on.  Not gonna make 100.  Keep them in view.  No worries.  Refocus.  Stick to the wattage plan.  Easy.  Consistent push.  It’s okay.  They feel good.  Let them go.  It’s okay.  Its gravel.  Focus.  Thigh Cramp!  Damnit!  Steady.  Don’t panic.  The Bitch is coming.  The Bitch is coming.  (Kerri is making me clarify here that “The Bitch” is the nickname of a local steep hill.  Happy Kerri?)  Steady the cramps.  Gonna need the legs.  On it.  Climb steady.  Should I walk?  Climb.  Climb.  Climb.  Climb.  Yes!  Way to hold together.  I need coffee.  Coffee is awesome.  Espresso.  I freaking LOVE Espresso!!!  Focus.  Let’s get to Eureka.  Crap.  Hot spots on both feet.  WTH??  Why today?  Damn that hurts.  Focus.  Pedal.  Dang it.  Saddle sore already???  Focus.  Re-apply Chamois Butt’r.  Now.  Get to town.  Just get to Eureka.  I hate Leg 3.  I’m failing.  Hold it together.  I’m breaking.  You’re okay.  Still flying.  I’m hurting.  It’s okay.

Eureka Checkpoint

BobbyT 12:31pm 15.96 mph avg
JeffY 12:24pm 16:29 mph avg
PaulE 12:22pm 16:35 mph avg

Chuggy’s awesome. Bike rolling well. Rolling out with JeffY and PaulE. They look fresh and I feel smashed. I can’t keep up for long. They want me to keep up. I hurt. I shoulda ate more. Hell I should have ate something. Anything.  Damnit. They look fast. I’m holding them back. They should beat the Sun.  Time to let them go. It’s my call. I need to do this. Next climb. I’ll slam on the breaks and they’ll fly right by. Top Gun style. Without the missiles though. Missiles would be cool. Love you guys. I’ll get there. Here we go. There they go. Jeff glanced back. He knows. He won’t stop again. Love ya Jeff. I miss Smitty. Hope he’s doing well. There’s Ryan. Naw man. Go get Jeff. I feel like shit. Gotta make that corner. Need that south tailwind. I suck. The Sun is getting away. I’m losing it. Dang it I’m losing it. My feet hurt. My butt hurts. No cramps though. I’m fine. I wonder if Hobbits can ride bikes?  What size of bike would a Hobbit ride?  They got those huge furry feet.  Would they have weird little Hobbit pedals to ride around the Dale?  I need to rewatch those movies.  Focus!!  It’s energy! No energy! Food. I need food. How long has it been? Feeling better. Heading North. Yellow bike. White jersey. Yellow bike. That’s a bright yellow bike. Garrett!! I know him!! Nope. Garrett’s tired. I get it. No worries. Ride well man. Doing well man. Good to see ya. Crank. Crank. Randy. It’s Randy. Cool. Feeling good moving on. Cya Randy. Feeling bad. Moving back. Hello Randy. Feeling good. Moving on. I love you Bobby!! What?!?! LOVE YOU BOBBY!! Awesome. Love me some RandyS. That’s what I needed. Let’s roll. Where the HELL is Madison?? What direction am I riding? I hate this freaking LEG!!! I’m failing. I’m hours behind Jeff and Paul. Is Smitty behind me? How far? There’s Paulina. Stupid Leg 3. Stupid stoopid leg 3. Madison is stupid. I’ve lost the Sun. Not gonna happen. Stupid lost town….oh wait, there’s Madison!!! I LOVE MADISON!!! Crap only 4 hours left until 8:45pm. Only 4 hours until I won’t beat the Sun. Gotta go! Give me water. Fix my bike. I need water now. Gotta go.

BobbyT DK Leg2

Madison Checkpoint

BobbyT 4:52pm 14.90 mph avg
JeffY 4:26pm 15.52 mph avg
PaulE 4:31 mph 15.39 avg

Four hours. I only have 4 hours. I’m done. Everyone likes a losing story right? I could write the story of my failure. Make it all sappy and teary eyed. I suck. only 4 freaking hours to do this last leg. Is it 48 miles? 52 miles? 60 miles? I can’t remember now. No. What did Kerri say back there? I am not in a good mental spot right now? Change my attitude. She’s right. I was a complete ass. I need a mental change. Man. Steve and Emery Weiser were back there. Was I nice? Did Emery see my temper tantrum?? Where was Reagan? I didn’t even high five her. Did I hug her??? Shit. I’m an ass. Worst. Dad.
Ever. I’m stopping and texting them I love them right now. I wish I could go back and hug them. Music. I need music. I got this. Crank. Did they really say Paul was only 13 minutes ahead??? How can that be? We’re both losing the Sun?? I’m not doing my math right. I’m not thinking straight. Ride my bike and it’ll all work out. Ride. Crank. 80-85 cadence. Lock-in at 170-200 watts.  Go. Damn my feet hurt. Pedals unclipped with heals. More Chamois Butt’r. More. My feet are on fire. I would suck as a professional fire walker. Be a cool nickname though. This is my friend, Fire Walker. My butt is on fire. Butt Fire is NOT a cool nickname. Be funny though. Crank. Spin. Move forward. I know these roads. Left. Right. Left. Right. Wait. Did I miss a road. Wait. Shit. I never saw that road with that mud spot from last year. No. No. No! NO!!! If I go back I miss the Sun. If I don’t go back I’ve cheated and I miss my Five timers award. No. Crap. I recognize these riders around me. We didn’t all miss the turn?!?!? Wait. Wait. Calm down. Check mileage. Yeah that looks right. There’s Paulina. Okay wait she was right behind me. It’s okay. It’s okay. Wasted 5 freaking minutes… Damnit dude!!! Get moving. I’m not thinking straight. Pedal just pedal. Focus on catching back up to Paulina. Focus. I love Bird Bridge. Don’t crash. Crashing would suck. What did Steve call it? Hey there DaveM…crap gotta get across those tracks. No train…no train…no train…I’m across!! I see Mulreadys black and pink. Got it. That’s her. There’s Thorndale. I’m home. Holy crap I’m gonna do this. What time is it?? Yes yes yes yes. Ouch ouch ouch. Those tears sting. Stop It. Now I have mud in my eyes.  There’s no crying in cycling.  Face is dirty. Lol this is absurd. Go. Pedal. Caught Paulina. Wait she must be going for a higher spot. She’s still pushing hard. Charge with her or…Naw. I’m good. It’s my fifth time. I’m beating the Sun. My goals are accomplished. I did it. I’m chilling and taking this all in slowly. There’s the tunnel. Goosebumps popping. Cowbells ringing. Highland Hill. ESU. Green Light. No one behind me. Coast! High fives! I love you  Mr Gilligan. Love the name shout out. Two years. Freaking did it. Jim! LeLan!
Adam! Kristi! Timmy! Reagan!!! Bear hug!!! Kerri!!! Love you!! Mom, dad, Jeffy, Paul, Norah, Caroline and Allison, Mel and Tyler, Heather and Darin. Beer from Shawn. Hugs to all!!!

I need to sit. I’m…just…empty.

I love Emporia. I love our community. I crave those random cheers that are for everyone. I long for that Finish Line Chute. I accept the pain the Flint Hills deliver.  I accept the mental beating I give myself. I believe it has made me stronger. I know it has made me stronger. I’m ready to go again. I hate stopping…

Emporia – Finish

BobbyT 7:52:44pm 14.90 mph avg
JeffY 7:20:02pm 15:51 mph avg
PaulE 7:41:05pm 15.11 mph avg

Thank you for the photos Cassie Crotts, Heather Russell, Cherie Crisp and Linda Guerette!


#teamoreo #midpackattack #ridecasual Photo by Cassie Crotts

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