Tour de Chequamegon- Ride, Pack, Repeat- 3 Days of 2 wheeled goodness.

Right now as i type this i am reminded how lucky we are to have places like the Chequamegon National forest to go and ride our bikes and explore.   Its been a little over a 2 weeks when my brother Shawn, good buddy Adam, and myself made the 12 hour drive to Cable, Wisconsin to put our gear and bikes to the test.  Every day the week leading up to this journey we all messaged back and forth to see what we packing, or what clothes were needed, and also how much water we needed to think of carrying since we weren’t sure of water supplies on the route.  Here is just a sample of what was packed on my bike.

When my good buddy Adam threw out the idea onto facebook,  this is where we started the chatting back and forth on who was going, what they were going to bring and pack.  As the day got closer to the trip we all were trying to dial in our setups according to water stops, camping, and what the weather was going to be like.   The day before both Shawn and I spoke with Adam at the shop and he said he would be by in the morning at 6am sharp to start this road trip, as we all sat there with the biggest grins on our faces hi-fiving each other saying this is going to the best trip ever.   Pic of the crewAs we made our way up to Cable, WI Adam informed us that the KOA that we were supposed to stay in on the first night of our trip before the meet up was close so he set us up and sweet lodge called Lake Owen.  We pull up and we were just blown away with the beauty of it.  Great  work Adam!!

Now to the day of the meet up with everyone who we knew was coming,  Adam had told the other adventure seekers that we were go into town and load up on a big breakfast at a the local breakfast spot called the Brick House .  Here we met Josh, Jonathan, Bailey , Allison and Jeff.  We knew right away this was going to be a great group to ride and explore with the nest 3 days.

Day 1 of the trip had us rolling on sandy roads with baby head boulders, gravel, and also a stretch of single track.  The first 8-10 miles of the day had some nice punchy hills and gnarly downhill sections and i remember stopping and thinking i sure hope this first day didn’t all consist of these punchy climbs.  Adam rolled up and we conversed about it and we kind of summed it up as the  “hey people settle down your here to enjoy this not crush it” section of the route.  The terrain changed a bit and it turned in to a some nice momentum keeping rollers, followed by single track.

Settle down people!! you have 3 days to go!!

Single Track goodness

Accommodations for day one was  Moose Lake, was great camping and scenery for the evening.   Even though we had a period of rain that evening where we had to retreat to the tents, we were able to get a nice sized fire rolling to sit around and get to know each other.

Moose Lake

Pic courtesy Bailey Newbrey

Day 2  Started out with camp coffee and loading the rigs back up to get back out on the road to see what the day had in store for us, the route for day 2 started out a little bit like day 1 but we go to enjoy around 3 and half miles of atv roads.  While out on day 2 we also stopped around half way for a lunch break and hang out at an intersection and didnt even see a single car.  Here are a few pics from day 2. Enjoy!!!

Pic courtesy of neddio. Tinga, Josh, Bailey and Allison cruising along

One Take Blake and Josh getting after it

Bailey and Allison admiring there tandem during our pit stop. thanks for the pic Tinga

Afternoon Hangout and nap spot on Day 2

Finally the ATV Trails!!! Was one the best parts of everyones trip

Bailey and Allison killing it on the tandem, followed up by Tinga

Jeff getting into the action fully loaded down Surly ECR

Day 2 goodness coming to an end,  we found or digs for the night at East Twin Lake camp ground,  we had a great site and view of the lake.


East Twin Lake

Josh getting in some fly fishing, photo by Tinga

Day 3 would be our last day of riding it was a great mixture of gravel, sandy roads, and the last 12 miles of a pavement roller coaster.  But we couldn’t start the day our without having coffee time and breakfast before loading up and heading out.

Coffee!!! Yep my man Adam giving the thumbs up. Coffee must have been pretty good.

Loved the tree lined roads.

Another great shot provided from Bailey, he had climbed up into a tree to get this shot.

All good things must come to an end. Here are all the rigs lined up at the place we met up on Day 1. the Brick House for more of their amazing breakfast, cheese cake, and can’t forget the beer.

In the end we had ridden a total of 110-115 miles of gravel roads, sandy roads , single track, atv trails, and pavement.  Couldnt have had a better group of people to share this experience with.   I know that you should do introductions at the beginning but why be the same as everyone else.  Here are the  fine folks i got to share this journey with.  Pictures courtesy of Bailey Newbrey

Jeff Vaughan / Oliver, WI / Bike- Surly ECR

Jonathan Portinga / Duluth, MN / Bike-Norco cross bike

Josh Kowaleski / Duluth, MN / Bike-Salsa Fargo

Bailey and Allison / Chicago,IL / Bike-Humble Frameworks Tandem

Shawn O’Mara / Emporia, Ks / Bike-Salsa Fargo

Adam Blake / Emporia,KS / Bike-Salsa Cutthroat

Scott O’Mara / Emporia,KS / Bike-Salsa Cutthroat

Until next time my friends!!





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