2017 Cycling Goals

I have big goals in 2017. Now before I get into those goals let me first say I realize everything is relative. A big goal for me is not necessarily a big goal for you. I’m not saying we can’t all empathize with each other and support each other no matter our skill level in life on a bike. I’d like to hope and think we can. I’m just saying…I understand if you don’t.

My main cycling focus in 2017 is placed firmly in Emporia Kansas. My home. My Flint Hills. My roads. My life. Emporia and the surrounding Flint Hills just happen to also be the home of a little thing we locals like to call The Dirty Kanza. A 200 Mile day of fun on our gravel roads. We just happen to invite and welcome…the entire world to come visit that day. My primary goal this year is to Finish my 5th Dirty Kanza 200. I want to ride down that finish line chute high five’ing family and friends. I want to stand up there on stage at the Awards Ceremony and collect the Five Time Finishers Cup from Dan Hughes. I respect the Flint Hills. Finishing is never a right. Finishing is surviving the day. Finishing is earned.

I have a second goal for the 2017 Dirty Kanza. I will be gunning to successfully complete the Race The Sun challenge. I will be racing to finish before the determined sunset time cut off for that day. Normally around 14 hrs 45 minutes. My best finish? 17 hours.

I’m working hard. I’m training daily. I’m dropping the weight. I’m focused. I’ll know if it’s all enough on that day. DK Day.

I was stoked to learn that Lauf Forks will be a part of my training, my riding and my memories for the Dirty Kanza goals this year. I can not wait to seek how my Salsa Warbird glides through the Flint Hills with The Grit leading the charge.  I will be one of twelve taking part in the Lauf Dirty Dozen campaign for the 2017 Dirty Kanza 200.  Keep track of our group and our blogs at <a href=”http://laufforks.com/just-ride/”>www.laufforks.com/just-ride</a&gt;

Learn more about the Lauf Forks gravel fork called “The Grit” <a href=”http://www.laufforks.com/lauf-grit”>here</a&gt;.

We’ll be tackling plenty of miles before DK Day. My other goals for the 2017 cycling season include finishing <a href=”https://landrun100.com/”>The LandRun100</a>, <a href=”https://www.dirtyreiver.co.uk/”>The Dirty Reiver</a>, <a href=”http://dirtykanzapromotions.com/training-camp/”>DK Training Camp</a>, <a href=”http://www.maisiespride.com/”>Maizies Pride</a> and Elrods Cirque in Winfield, KS are some Century races along the way.  Later in the second half of the year I’ll go ride the relay of 24 Hours of Cumming, The Pony Express, Gravel Worlds…who knows what else…

A side note on the LandRun100 this year.  My wife, Kerri, has signed up to ride in her first 50 mile ride.  Ever.  She’s got a couple local 30 mile rides under her belt so this will be a good challenge.  I’m really proud of her for stepping outside her comfort zone and going for the 50.  I’m excited to help her get ready for her day in the sun.  So to speak.  It’s is the LandRun after all and known for its rain, clouds and red mud…

A lot of miles too be sure but a lot of memories created as well.

Here’s to 2017!

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