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2016 Reflections

I like to reflect. I like to look back to help better direct me moving forward. I no longer dwell on the past that’s not what I’m suggesting. Remember where you’ve been and what you’ve experienced and use that information to move forward. Please don’t over analyze the past though. You can’t change the past. You can’t. You can apologize for a moment, sure. You can cringe at a reaction you had, sure. You can second guess a decision you made, yes. You can not however change that moment, that reaction or that decision at that time. You can however alter your path going forward based off the experience.

I wrote down a few Goals for myself in 2016. I posted them. Publicly. I posted them for all to see. Now when I say “All” I mean of course the 30 or 40 bored individuals that actually read my posts. I still made a public post though. It was hard for me at the time.

Would people think I had a big ego? Who gives a crap what this guys goals are! Would people think I was too selfish? He barely mentioned his family and friends! Would people think I was too vain? Lotta stuff about him! Are the goals too generic? Why doesn’t he just say “solve world peace”!?!

I did over analyze my own goals. In the end I wanted the posted goals to be about what “I” wanted to accomplish. I wanted them to be achievable as long as I worked hard…achievable for me. The Goals posted were in no way meant to be all encompassing…

2016 was a great year. I’m glad I posted those goals. It’s fun to reflect where I was at in Life a year ago.

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I’m going to do it again in 2017.  The “Goals” thing.

I do want to take some time though to reflect on 2016. I want to take some time to look over the past year.  Successful or not? Depends I guess on what defines success?

Follow along if you want. Don’t if you’d rather not. I’ll still greet you with a smile either way. 🙂