Twas The Night Before DK

Fun with words. For those who may have thought my Full DK Race report was too wordy…I wrote this…
‘Twas the night before DK and I lay in my bed
Visions of beating the sun danced in my head
My cycling kit laid out on the floor with great care
Hoping it stayed mud free in the Flint Hills air
My Salsa Warbird all polished and ready to roll
Nutrition and hydration ready to accomplish my goal
Over 2000 riders set out to be challenged the next day
Gravel, rock, mud and water…the Flint Hills wanted to play
Riders both young and old, riders both seasoned and new
Riders both tall and short, friends and family awaited the cue
Bikes shiny and ready, cleaned and tuned, all the bikes came,
Carbon, aluminum, steel and titanium; riders called them by name
Climb Vaya! Climb Cutthroat!
Climb, Colossal and Beargrease!
Go, Fargo! Go, Warbird!
Go El Mar and Powderkeg!!
Ride forward to Gravel!
Ride forward with skill!
Now Chase the Sun! Chase the Sun!
Chase the Sun of the Flint Hills!
My body was full of energy and eager to please
My cranks spun effortlessly up hills with great ease
I saw derailleurs crack and I witnessed tires fail
Eyes wild with adrenaline I charged down the trail
A century laid behind me, another century to go
The Flint Hills unleashed it’s fury; Winds started to blow
My dream was to beat the Sun and the Sun fought back
My lungs started to gasp; My legs began to crack
Bent but never broken my mind and body screamed STOP
Just one more hill, one more hill, one more hill to top
My age has made me stubborn and I had faith in my Will
Just. Finish. Just. Finish. Walk up that damn hill
The Flint Hills love to play but they soon would relent
I had passed their test, they would give me consent
With the Sun settling down, wind calm and air cool
My cramps went away; my strength returned to full
The Flint Hills rewarded me for suffering that day
Moonlight and Stars led the rest of the way
Emporia Lights lit the sky; Cowbells were ringing
Coming down the chute people high five’ing and cheering
I saw my wife and my daughters arms wide for a hug
Waiting to hold me tight, hold me close and snug
I did not Beat the Sun, not even really that close
I’ll be back next year to try once again…we’ll see how that goes…

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