LandRun 100 2016

Your mind has a job to do.  Protect you.  Get too near a flame “ouch, back away”.  Get too near a sharp object “ouch, back away”.  See a grizzly bear coming at you “ouch, back away”.  Hearing your daughter screaming followed by the other daughter whispering loudly “shhhhh, don’t tell dad”….”ouch, back away”.  It’s instinct.  Stop.  That either hurts or its gonna hurt.  Stop.  Back away.  See here’s the deal though.  You have the ability to tell your mind to shut up.  You have the ability to go beyond what your mind says you can or can’t do.   Now I’m not telling you run through an open fire, grab a big Bowie knife and attack an oncoming grizzly bear.  I’m not an idiot and neither are you.  BUT we all know that would be more preferable than walking into a room to find out what screaming daughter #1 did to screaming daughter #2.  The horrors.

The LandRun100 has been around for 4 years now.  Bobby and Crystal Wintle are the creators.  Wonderful, gentle people full of love, kindness, energy and crazy awesome at giving out hugs.  BUT the LandRun100 has become a race that is as much about overcoming your own mental pain as your own physical pain.  Three out of four years there has been “pick up your bike and carry it mud”.  Three out of four years I would bet there have been near equal DNS/DNF’s as Finishers.  Riding your bike for 100 miles through gravel and minimum maintenance roads is tough folks.  Picking up your bike and carrying it 5 – 7 miles is tough folks.  Putting on stiff cycling shoes and walking 5 – 7 miles of muddy sludge is both painful and tough folks.  Doing all three of these WHILE trying to remember nutrition, WHILE trying to remember hydration, WHILE trying to remember there is a finite limit to the abuse use your bike can take is tough folks.  Real tough.
That’s the thing though isn’t it?  If it was easy, we wouldn’t keep coming back would we?  If it wasn’t a physical and mental challenge we wouldn’t keep coming back would we?  We crave that challenge.  We crave that mental fight.  We want to know we can accomplish more than our minds tell us we can.  I love the challenge.  I love winning that mental fight.  I love sharing the stories with my cycling community.
I love the LandRun 100.
I had a great 2016 LandRun100.  Not perfect. There was the mud.  I haven’t counted how many miles.  I will.  Mr Wintle or Mr Bruer can buy me a beer for each mile.  There was the heart wrenching leaving the buddy behind after his derailleur hanger broke.  No quicklink for SS.  Learning curve for both of us.  He trained his butt off.  There was the bike carrying.  I have bruises on my hip, shoulder and ribs.  I need a new technique.  There was the near front end-over in mud that was saved when my chest hit my handlebars so hard it bounced me back up into a sitting position.  Major chest bruise there.  Always ride two handed in mud kids.  There was the poor choice of ignoring the rocks in my shoes all day.  Sandals for me for a few days.  There was poor nutrition that made miles 52 – 85 a real mental struggle.  Really though not too bad personally all things considered.
 The great things?  The road trip down with good friends.  The pre-race bike and strategy talk with cycling friends.  The anticipation.  The nervous energy at District Bicycles and Iron Monk Brewery.  The rollout.  The first turn into gravel.  The mud spray.  The quiet unspoken unity trudging through the mud.  One step, two step, step step step.  The organized chaos of the checkpoint.  Suffering with new friends on the final 50, counting down the miles. 40, 30, 20, shit no it’s 107 not 100!  Dang. 27, 20, surprise aid tent!!!  Extra chain lube, water bottle fill-up, StormTrooper sticker.  I’m not kidding.  Chugging my Redbull/water mix and feeling like a new man.  19, 18, linking with Elliott and having someone to pull with finally, 10, 9, 8, 7, some dude standing beside a trash dumpster cheering us on and saying “only two more hills!”  5, 4, 3 riding onto pavement into Stillwater, 2, 1 turning a corner and seeing the Finish Line.  There’s freaking Bobby Wintle standing in the middle of the street screaming at me.  There’s my wife.  I see Kerri.  Holy crap I’m here.  Hearing on the loudspeaker “Here comes the Casual Cyclist, casually coming down the chute”!!  Hands up in the air.  I freaking did it.  It’s over.  Give me my damn Wintle hug.  Give me my Bruer hug.  I’m hugging ScottyO.  ShawnO.  I’m hugging everyone!  Where’s Kerri.  There’s Kerri.  Now Kerri gets a kiss.  A gentle kiss.  It’s been a long painful day.  Hugs all around but that kiss.  That kiss I’ll remember for quite awhile.
Love you Kerri.  Thanks for supporting me in this crazy hobby I love.  I couldn’t do this without your support and I wouldn’t be me unless I could do this.
Why do I love events like the LandRun100?  It makes all the little things in life feel so much more.  So much more.
(Thank you Carlie Agha for allowing me to use your wonderful pictures in this blog.  You did a wonderful job!)

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