Local Rider Spotlight #5 – Michael Barrett

Local Rider Spotlight #5!!

Husband, father, hunter, cyclist! The boy just loves being outside around family and friends! Say howdy to

Mr Michael Barrett!

Primary miles bike- none other than “Susie” a TREK Boone 9 from the great dudes High Gear Cyclery, Inc.

Fave in-ride food- pretty much any GU pack and roctane

Tree stand or ground blind-Definitely a tree stand

Riding in cold or heat- can’t believe I’m saying this, but probably heat

Grilled or smoked- smoked

Default “Family Night” movie- Lately a combination of Big Hero 6 and any Harry Potter. Not going to lie my daughter has turned me into a Harry Potter nerd

Gas station grab food- have to go with Caseys pizza and Orange Gatorade…. Anyone remember what that combo does to me?

Two races or rides I look forward to in 2016- Gonna go with the Rouge Roubaix in St. Francisville Louisiana, and I’m anxious for the Tour de Lyon county. I was a little mad I couldn’t do it last year.

Spandex or Camo- why not both? But I prefer camo

Cajun or BBQ- tough one…. A good crawfish boil is hard to beat. So Cajun

Crawfish or crawdad- crawfish

What is One cycling lesson you learned the hard way- Don’t let Garret throw things away out of your saddle bag the night before a race. You might not be able to air up a tire if you get a flat

I’m adding one Bobby, my little motto- If you’re going to be a bear be a F-ing GRIZZLY

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