Local Rider Spotlight #4 – Tyler Anliker

He rides!  He hikes!  He runs!  Why would anyone run???  Anyway here he is!  Your very own!

Tyler Anliker

Primary miles bike?  2012 Trek Cronus Ultimate is the front cannon

What’s your go-to calorie intake during a century race?  Kroger chewy almond granola bars and Gatorade glacier freeze for the first 50 with a chaser of fruit punch Octane for the last 50

Bathtub or shower?  Does the bathtub come with bubbles?

Gravel or pavement?  It depends if I’m in my “Lets draw pictures on Strava mood

Deer chili or jerky?  Hmmm, yes please!

Coke or Pepsi?  Ad whats wrong with Mr. Pibb might I ask?

Favorite gas station cuisine?  Sausage pizza with Doritos Cool Ranch

Two races or rides you look forward to in 2016?  Dk200 and Prairie Fire Marathon

Star Wars or Star Trek?  May the 4th should be a national holiday…just saying

Default getaway – beach or mountains?  Mountains…I like to get high

Guilty food pleasure?  Guilt?  What guilt?!?  Theres nothing wrong with a package of double stuff Oreo’s and a gallon of Braum’s whole milk

Whats ONE cycling lesson you learned the hard way?  Don’t be messing’ with your rig a week or two before a race!  If it’s gotten you hundreds of miles of training, then it will get you through a measly hundred.

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