Local Rider Spotlight #2 – Scott O’Mara

Get to know your local cyclists!

Gravel race bike? Depends if it is muddy or not, SS Trek Presidio-if it is muddy or the newest steed in the stable Ti warbird

Coke or Pepsi? Coke mixes better

Chamois cream or none? chamois cream when i remember to- Oh by the way the shower after a long ride will remind you

Single speed or geared? Love the SS

Fruity Pebbles or Lucky Charms? Lucky Charms- They are magically delicious

2016 event most looking forward to? 24 hours of Cummings-love the team event and LR100, Cant beat the crew from stillwater!!

Fave gas station cuisine? Caseys Pizza, Campbells soup

Bear hug or lean-in shoulder hug? From Papa bear – bear hugs of course

Pre-race food? Pasta, pizza and some good beer

Favorite GU Roctane flavor? Grape baby!!

Wookie or Yeti? Yeti

Words of wisdom? Just go out and do your best, and when that voice in your head is trying to get you to pull the plug or quit tell it to f#$K off and put your head down and give it everything you got!!

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