2016 is here

So yeah that was crazy. Dirty Kanza filled 1900 rider spots in 2 hours. It’s official. The Flint Hills, Emporia and the surrounding towns are still considered kinda cool. Can’t wait until June!!! 
But…its only January so now what? Watch football. Watch basketball. Eat some nachos. Drink some beer. I’ve got 5 months to train right?? What’s that? LandRun100? Stillwater, OK? March 12? Oh yeah. Two months away.

I took a Christmas break from riding for the most part. For two glorious festive weeks intervals were replaced by watching movies like Elf and Christmas Vacation. Roctane?? Try some Hot Chocolate. GU gels?? Only if they taste like candy canes and chocolate chip cookies. (Not together, that’d be gross). Hell I even had time to fit in a kick ass Star Wars movie!!

 But now…now…DK registration flips a switch in the head. The season is starting. May not look like it outside but if you wait until it’s warm…you’ve waited too long. Trust me. I know. LandRun100 is waiting for me around the corner. Time to grab one last cookie, slurp down one last hot chocolate marshmallow and get on the bike.

 Gonna be a fun year for all of us!!

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