2016 Goals

Goals are a funny thing.  Set correctly they can be a driving force of motivation.  Set too high and they can lead to disappointment.  I’ve set quite a few goals for myself this year.  Some goals are measurable and some goals are simply meant to be reminders of the important things in my life.

1.       Don’t lose an endurance race in 2016.  Look.  I finally “got it” in 2015.  Winning isn’t about podium finishing for guys like me.  I don’t have the time to commit to ever podium finish.  Winning is simply not losing the mental fight.  Finishing the damn race.  Too many things I can’t control can end my race but the one thing I can 100% control is the mental fight.  Quitting is too easy.  LandRun100, DK200, 24HoursofCumming, GravelWorlds and RebeccasPrivateIdaho.  My goal is to not lose in 2016.
2.      Ride a sub 7 hour time in a 100 mile gravel race.  I think I can do this but I’ve never ridden “through” an event.  I rode Rebecca’s Private Idaho in 6:42 last September but that was only 93 miles.  Close.  I’m too social not to talk to other riders but I could ride the final 30 miles stronger instead of relaxing.  It’s a goal.
3.      Race the Sun at the DirtyKanza200 and win the challenge.  My best time is about midnight so this would mean beating that time by over 3 hours.  That’s tough.  That seems crazy tough.  Finishing by 10pm would be a huge accomplishment and I’d be proud of that but I like goals that are a stretch.  Finishing by about 8:45pm is a big stretch.  Weather plays a huge factor of course but I’m going for it.
4.      Be a better community volunteer.  Life’s not all about riding bikes.  I’ve served on multiple community organization boards for years but I do suffer periods of burnout.  Time to step it up again in 2016.
5.      Adventure more with my family.  My girls are 6 and 9 now, going on 18.  Time to spend more time adventuring with them.  Simple things like grilling out once a week.  Hitting Camp Alexander walking trails once a week.  Family bike rides around The Dale.  There’s a whole world to explore and it starts in our backyard.  2015 was a great start and we’ve built up some momentum for 2016!

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Going to be a great 2016!

What are some of your goals for 2016?

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One response to “2016 Goals

  • Gravelcop

    I’m going to finish a gravel century, finish the dk200 (with incredible mental effort), and drop the last of my extra weight before I turn 30 in September.

    I also want to travel more as cash allows.

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