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2015 Cycling Year End Wrap

Wow.  Seriously.  What a great year.  I learned so much.  Overcoming injuries, traveling, racing, training, making new friendships and strengthening new ones are all things I’ll remember 2015 for.

Injuries – Beating cronic ITB with a proper bike fit and patience, riding through a herniated disc with patience, leaning heavily on my wife for weeks of bandaging road rash and relying on patience from everyone while slowly getting through a concussion.  Notice a theme there??

Races/Events – I would endorse any one of these.  Not all for the same reasons but all with the same enthusiasm.  LandRun 100. Gravel Ride for Maisie’s Pride, Dirty Kanza 200, 24 Hours of Cumming 4 x 60 mile team relay ride, Gravel Worlds, Rebeccas Private Idaho and the Freedom Fest ride in Emporia Kansas with my whole family.

Results – I was patient with ITB and disc issues early on for the LandRun100 so I planned ahead and only road 50 miles.  Same with Maisies choosing only the 50 mile option but ended feeling great and confident.  Survived and finished my 3rd DK200.  WON my first cycling event ever with a great relay team at 24 Hours of Cumming.  Finished Gravel Worlds in a respectable time and had a blast doing it.  Drove up and rode RPI and had the most Epic and unexpected side adventure (See Below).  FreedomFest.  Road 15 miles with my wife Kerri and my daughters.  Family time on bikes.  Perfect way to end the season.

Epic finish – Wasn’t mine but he stole the show.  24 Hours of Cumming.  Relay Race.  Jim Cummins had the final leg.  Left at 11pm and road off into the face of an epic lightening storm, driving rain punishing wind.  Even had to take refuge in a barn for awhile but still continued 6 hours in the dark of night with rain to finish at about 5am.  I and my teammates Jeff Young and Scott Omara could not have admired his competitive spirit and loyalty to a team event more.  I’m pretty sure there was a huge group hug as he appeared in the darkness and crossed that finish line.  Well, if not a hug, maybe lots of handshakes.  Epic.

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Unexpected Win of the Year – two words.  Gelande Quaffing.  RPI 2015.  We freaking won the tournament after the gravel race.  I had no clue what gelande quaffing even was.  Tim Mohn, Smitty Smith and Rick Becker were my team mates.  We joked ourselves through round one hoping to lose and then it kicked in…competitive spirit and team loyalty.  Okay fine.  Now we have to freaking win. Fast forward to the Final Round.  Our competition.  Queen of Pain Rebecca Rusch, Dirty Kanza and Lawrence Legend Dan Hughes, 2016 Dirty Kanza Decade of Dirty Champion Yuri Hauswald and Master of everything Cold and Ultra Endurance Jay Petervary.  How did I get in this position??  Well, some possibly embarrassing photos aside, lets just say we rallied as a team, disregarded all dignity and won the whole thing!!!  Boom!!  Done.

Not much to say after that.  Truly a magical year.  I’m not sure how to top it in 2016 but I know I’ll probably figure it out while riding my bike.

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Your turn to share.  Any races that stand out?  Results that stand out?  Traveling that stands out?