2012 is the Summer of Changes

So far this summer.  Finished the Dirty Kansas 200.  Bought 20 acres of land in the country to build our dream house.  Got my real estate license.  Took a one week vacation to Disney World.  Closed down my store of 4 years that I started from scratch and built up by just being myself and honest with folks.  Became less sure about building a dream house right now.  Put in and have an offer accepted on a house in a setting we both love.  Nice house on a cool 6 acre setting near Emporia.  Putting off dream house on 20 acre land for about 3 – 5 years but still keeping the land for now.  Putting our house of 7 years on the market (soon).  The house we’ve had both our kids grow up in to this point.  Move to Emporia Realty Group as a full time Realtor.  Sign up for Farm House Classic.  100 miles in the July heat in Lathrop, MO.  July 21st.  Possible 150 mile race in August heat in Nebraska.  Move Reagan into the public school system to Timmerman.  Think that’s the big stuff so far until Sept.

I’m tired.  My wife is tired.  My kids are tired.  You pick the weekend date and we have plans scheduled.  Family.  Friends.  Emporia Main Street.  Emporia Friends of the Zoo.  Flint Hills Optimist club.  Crazy how life gets that way.  I know everyone’s life is hectic nowadays.  Distance means less today.  Communication is more instantaneous and constant today.  Life happens faster.  I love every event I participate in.  I love helping every group I’m a member of.  I only wish there were more hours to relax, sit back and watch the world move by.

At this point that’s when it dawns on me.  Cycling.  That’s it.  There’s my relief.  That’s my outlet.  I hop on a bike and the world slows down.  I get on gravel and every thing goes away.  I ride for miles without a thought.  I see tractors, cows, horses, few farm trucks, fields, grass…  I notice cracks in the ground.  I feel wind fighting me or helping me.  I love hills now.  I meet each hill with the anticipation of reaching the top.  Life simplifies.  My logo at the computer store I used to own was “Computers Simplified”.  My hope is that after this summer settles itself out and I grow into my new career as a Realtor and my family moves into our next house and my daughter starts down her next educational adventure…my hope is that the new logo for me becomes “Life Simplified”.  I think I’m ready for that…until I see the next shiny thing I want to accomplish…

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