Great riding weekend

Awesome weekend to ride. Perfect weather. Lotsa people got out. Tim Mohn, Scott O’Mara and Eric Benjamin rode in Gravel Worlds 150 mile race in Nebraska. So how did I do? Well…I never made it onto the bike. Instead, I got a hot tub. Yup. Hot tub and beer. It was a rough weekend don’t get me wrong. I thought about riding. I even made up two bottles of my oh so yummy Cytomax. But…I sat in the hot tub and drank beer. This is what makes me a “normal rider”. We have grand plans…plan great routes…but life gets in the way more often than not. I have the bike. I have the gear. What I have yet to do is draw the family into cycling enough that we schedule things around cycling. Instead, cycling gets scheduled around life way too often.

I was once referred to as a “normal rider” by a good guy and good rider. At first, I scoffed. Normal Rider. I’m not a normal rider. Look at me, I can do 100 miles. Woohoo! Albeit…slowly. 😉 I thought about it though and yeah, I get it. I am more of a normal rider. My wife’s excitement fades if I tell her I’m going on a ride over 20 miles. I took a day off from work to do a 100 mile ride so as not to affect the family’s routine. I’m riding with a tube for over a month now in a tire I paid $150 to have converted to tubeless because I’m too busy pushing my daughter on the swing in the evenings to take the time to order a valve for my compressor. I’ve decided that as much as I’d like to be on the bike more often, for now normal riding is all my life allows.

I plan to keep pushing though. I plan to keep slipping in rides when I can. Maybe drink a beer or two less and knock down a cup or two more of water. May be a few less Tequitos and Potato rollers from Quiktrip and a few more lean meat dinners. I will be riding in the DK 200 next year and I will be doing it as a normal rider.

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