Hello world

So I’ve been thinking of doing this for awhile now.  What is “this” you ask?  Well actually at the moment it’s making me some sugar toast.  Ever had it?  Pretty hard to make.  Two ways actually.  It involves bread, butter and sugar.  If you wanna go crazy, spring for a little cinnamon.

First way…the lazy way.  (btw, I do the “…” thing a lot when I type.  It’s my way of giving a dramatic pause to something.  It’s also a way to add more to the letter count of an article.)  Step 1:  Put bread in toaster.  Step 2:  Toast bread.  Step 3:  Butter bread.  Step 4:  Add just enough sugar so that it melts into the butter but not so much that it falls off the bread when you tilt it.  Too messy.  Make four pieces.  Two is too few and six is just too much work.  Eat away.  Yum.

Second way…the hard way.   Take four slices of bread and butter them.  Put sugar on top but you can add a little more than in the lazy way.  Add a little cinnamon here if you like but just a sprinkle.  Don’t over do it.  Cinnamon can be extremely overpowering here.  Put in oven and broil.  Watch the sugar and the sides of the bread.  You don’t want burnt sides but you do want the sugar to melt and then start to turn a very slight golden color.  Take out of oven and allow to cool just until the sugar is solid then put on a plate upside down.  Sugar side up and you end up with wet toast underneath, yuck.  Eat away.  Yum.  Trick to keep your spouse happy?  Put foil down on the cookie sheet when doing this.  Throw away foil when done and no sugar stain on the cookie sheet.

Wow.  Okay where was I?  Oh yeah, wondering why I’m having no luck losing weight.  No, wait.  Okay so I didn’t start this up to coach you on making sugared toast but you gotta admit it, that was worth the read alone.  My plan here is to document an everyman’s journey to the 2012 Dirty Kanza 200.  Read it if you want.  Don’t if, well, you know, you don’t.  I’ll warn you I do tend to ramble and my mind does race and things seldom make sense. If nothing else you’ll read this and be pretty amazed that I actually focus on anything long enough to be functional in normal society.  Squirrel!!!

Have I mentioned I like bacon?  No?  Another time perhaps.

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